An event app is commonly used for managing events like public conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, etc. The basic purpose of event apps is to digitize the various event-related tasks such as record and management of attendees, invitations, groceries and other arrangements, cost calculation, etc. Event management has always been a prospering field and thanks to the internet and mobile technology, it has now become easier than ever to manage any event successfully. Mobile event apps play a major role in that success.Whether you want an event app for your event management company or just need an app for a personal/business event, we can get it for you. Our affordable yet feature-rich mobile app development options let you choose a service as per your budget and requirements.

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Corporate events

No matter how many people you have in your team and the number of people you want to invite to your event, we have a team of event mobile app developers who offer corporate event app development services that streamlines the crowd and manage the event, keeping your brand image intact.


From helping your participants and speakers navigate their way through the confusing conferences halls that look alike to giving your visitors a real-time update of the conference, we have your conference mobility needs covered.

Sports and entertainment

Our event apps are known to ease the invitation process, crowd management, visitors security protocol, and audience engagement process, no matter what the size of the audience is. Our team of event app developers also power your app with AR technology to increase your app engagement quotient.

Trade shows

We offer an all-round mobile app development for events and conferences solution for your brand to get visitors to your booth, showcase the products and services, and keep the visitors engaged after the trade show.