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We offer custom software development services to help global enterprises build and launch bespoke digital solutions that offer a seamless user experience across various platforms.

Custom Software Development Services for Startups, SMEs, and Large Organisations

Application Development

App development is the epicenter of our custom software development services. With an in-house team of skilled software developers, Quick Live Solutions will help you launch bespoke software with advanced features to streamline various business operations and enhance overall productivity. We build native applications for different platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, etc, giving clients the liberty to target the desired customers more effectively.

Application Customization

The app industry is a rapidly evolving market. Keeping obsolete features and design layouts in your mobile app can easily backfire and damage its user retention rate. That’s why it’s always crucial to implement the latest design/development practices and ensure your mobile app complies with the latest market trends. At Quick Live Solutions, we also offer dedicated app customization services to uplift the user experience of existing mobile apps. Our team keeps a close eye on the latest development practices and implements them to ensure your app can maintain higher customer retention.

Application Maintenance

Launching a mobile app is only the first step of the digital battle – it’s also imperative to continuously optimize its performance to avoid unexpected failures. Our team also offers app maintenance services to tackle the unexpected issues you might be facing with your mobile application. From optimizing the source code & removing potential bugs to making essential changes to the app’s layout, our team will help you resolve various technical issues so that your app doesn’t encounter any downtime and delivers a seamless user experience 24/7.
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Mobile App

Planning to step into the mobile app industry, but have no clue how to get started? We have got you covered! Our expert mobile app developers closely follow the development market and specialize in the latest development technologies to shape clients’ app ideas into performance-driven mobile applications. We have dedicated teams for native and cross-platform app developers, which means we can help you launch a user-centric mobile app for the desired platforms, be it iOS or Android.
Our custom software development services also include ecommerce website development as it has become one of the mainstream verticals in the digital landscape. Nearly 25% of retail sales come from e-commerce websites and that’s the reason why many retailers are eager to launch their online stores. We have an in-house team of ecommerce developers who strive to build powerful, sales-driven, & bespoke ecommerce websites for global retailers.

Cross-Platform App Development

For small businesses and startups, cross-platform app development is an ideal way to embark on their digital transformation. Unlike native solutions, cross-platform applications leverage code reusability and allow entrepreneurs to target customers across multiple platforms. Consequently, they can drive better customer acquisition without going over budget. With the assistance of our team you will get innovative approach which includes project management, custom design and development. 
Having an online presence will not work in your favor unless you invest in a well-strategized digital marketing plan. Whether you want to launch a cross-platform mobile application or a new web platform, a digital marketing campaign will connect you to your potential customers and give your brand the expected online exposure.
In addition to our custom software development services, we also have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts who specialize in various marketing practices including SEO, SMM, Influencer Marketing, etc., and help brands beat their competitors and gain high-quality leads from multiple platforms. Here’s a quick insight into our digital marketing practices:
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Search Engine Optimization

Struggling to secure top positions in Google search results? Let our SEO experts devise a full-fledged SEO plan for your website and improve your search engine rankings. Our SEO plans are tailored to help businesses sustain top search engine rankings and drive organic traffic for better lead generation opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage the power of different social media platforms to grow your brand and reach the masses without investing heavily in paid marketing. Based on your target demographics, our team will devise a result-oriented social media marketing campaign so that you can keep your followers engaged and attract new users at the same time.
Content acts as the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. At Quick Live Solutions, we have content marketing experts who craft captivating, plagiarism-free, and high-quality content to help brands engage customers more effectively. From writing web copies for your website to weaving the perfect CTAs for better conversions, our content creators are here to help you leverage the power of content marketing.

Why Choose Quick Live Solutions as Your Software Development Partner?

Quick Live Solutions is a reputed organization offering state-of-the-art software development services to help startups, small businesses, and enterprises establish a strong digital presence with feature-packed digital solutions. We are among the pioneers in designing innovative applications that deliver a remarkable user experience and give brands a competitive edge to get ahead of the curve. Here’s why we are the best software development partner for your organization:

Agile Development

We adhere to an Agile methodology to cater to client expectations, deliver user-centric applications, and meet strict deadlines.

100% Transparency

With a completely transparent development approach, the clients can share their valuable feedback anytime throughout the development cycle.

Competitive Pricing

Being an offshore mobile software development company, Quick Live Solutions offers affordable packages to help businesses get their apps developed at a pocket-friendly price.

Dedicated Team

With Quick Live Solutions, you can also hire dedicated teams to solely work on your project using the latest development frameworks and technologies.
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From helping companies establish a strong mobile presence with a custom native application to optimizing their online presence for better acquisition, our team has the expertise to provide expert assistance in every situation. Partner with a reputed software development company and we’ll help you relish the benefits of a well-planned digital presence.

Custom App Development

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At Quick Live Solutions, we have dedicated teams of highly proficient designers, developers, QA analysts, and marketing experts who follow modern-day practices to help global businesses build their online presence and get high-quality leads from different sources. From mobile application development & web designing to search engine optimization (SEO) & marketing, we offer various services to meet the specific business objectives of our clients.