Application Modernization

Application Modernization Services

Rationalize the applications you have

Application Modernization applications starts with rationalizing what you have — which apps can be upgraded, sunset or moved to the cloud? IBM strategy and application rationalization experts use best practices from thousands of client engagements to help you prioritize what to do first and document the business impact and ROI.

Migrate applications to the right cloud platform

After assessing your portfolio, it's time to migrate your cloud-ready apps. The Cloud Migration Factory developed by IBM and built on our Cloud Innovate method streamlines the process and helps accelerate migration while reducing complications. IBM can also help you with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and other enterprise application providers.

Get more out of non-cloud-ready applications

Even those apps that can't be migrated to the cloud can still be accessed and used in the cloud. Using component refactoring and API integration products in a modern DevOps environment, IBM experts help you free your data that’s trapped in your current apps and use that data to get more out of the investments you've made.


Refactoring is essentially another way of saying “rewriting” or “restructuring.” This approach to application modernization entails taking a legacy application and retooling significant chunks of its underlying code to better run in a new environment, usually cloud infrastructure. In addition to major restructuring of the existing codebase, this approach often requires rewriting code.


This pattern can be viewed as a middle ground or compromise between the lift-and-shift and refactoring approaches. It does not require major changes in code or architecture, as with refactoring, but entails complementary updates that enable the legacy app to take advantage of a modern cloud platform, such as modifying or replacing the application’s backend database.

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