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IT Strategy & Consulting provide a wide range of Services should be wont to meet IT and business goalsFaster time to market with superior customer experience and continuous evolution in the midst of uncertainties are the most pressing concerns of disruptive product companies. As a product development company, we understand your challenges and work as a team to overcome them.


Business and IT Alignment

We begin with a review of the mission, vision, goals, and strategy of the business, so that we can derive the implications for IT–what IT needs to be and do in order to support the business strategy and deliver business value. Conversely, what capabilities can IT implement that can form the basis for new business models?

IT Current State Analysis

We conduct an assessment of the current IT environment, including the organization’s data centers, networks, equipment, documentation, and use of cloud computing. We also assess the health of the current IT applications portfolio, with a combination of online user surveys and in-person interviews, ranking each major business system in terms of its importance to the organization, its actual management value, and its technical quality.

IT Strategy Roadmap

This is the formulation stage, where we define the individual initiatives of the IT roadmap and weave them into a strategic narrative: a story of where you are going and how you’ll get there. The final deliverable is a strategic IT road map for the enterprise that defines the desired future state, the major initiatives, and the priorities for implementation.

Scope of an IT Strategy

A complete IT strategy covers the following areas, which our consultants can selectively tailor according to your needs:

IT Applications Portfolio

The business applications that the organization will utilize in support of business processes. These commonly include ERP, CRM, HR/HCM, business intelligence/analytics, and a wide variety of industry-specific systems.

IT Strategy

The technical architecture of hardware, operating systems, databases, end-user computing platforms, communications, and facilities. This also includes use of newer cloud platforms to replace on-premises IT infrastructure and systems.

IT Service Management

Decisions concerning how and where IT services should be delivered and by whom, whether by internal IT work groups or by outsourcing or managed services providers

IT Organizational Design

IT is not just a matter of technology–it is also about people. Our IT strategic planning services also include evaluation of current skills and staffing levels, identification of skills gaps, and designing the optimal IT organizational structure to carry out the road map. If needed, we can also assist in the recruiting process for new IT personnel.

IT Management Best Practices

IT has its own internal processes, which should utilize proven best practices. These include best practices for IT governance, IT financial management, IT operations, IT security and risk management, applications development, and innovation.

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