Security Tokens


Security Tokens in Legally Compliant Framework!

Raise Funds for Your Venture from International Accredited Investors through Security Token Offering

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Security tokens are made and distributed by an industry wanting to raise money, much equivalent to an ICO. Diverse to ICOs, regardless, STOs are supported by real assets – paying little heed to whether esteem, commitments/credits, or theory resources, for example – like progressively standard securities. Everything considered security tokens fall inside existing securities laws and controls.


1. STO Preparation

  • Consult Legal firms
  • Identify Country and their legal Regulations
  • Use Case Identifications
  • Website Creation
  • Whitepaper

2. Pre STO Launch

  • Publish Website
  • Publish Whitepaper
  • Token Smart Contract Creations
  • POC Release
  • Community Building and Support

3. Reach an Accredited Investors

  • Custodian Integration
  • Smart Contract Creation for Holding and Regulations
  • Alpha Version Release

4. Post STO Launch

  • Support Activities
  • Marketing Outreaching Activities
  • Maintenance Activities